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Rassawek Autumn Festival Antique Car Show

During the Autumn Festival, we are proud to showcase the old and the new. So as part of our exhibits during the show, we invite you to bring your antique car or truck to display to the public. 

You and your passengers* will be directed to a special parking area for antique cars and trucks during the festival.

*Includes admission for driver ONLY. Additional admission tickets required for each passenger (Children 2 years of age or under admitted FREE).

There are two sign-up options. If you can only bring your car for one of the days, please make sure you are selecting the correct day. If you would like to bring your car for both days, please sign-up for both Saturday and Sunday.

We will be sending more detailed information to those who have signed up as we get closer to the event. Please make sure to fill out what type of vehicle you will be bringing.


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