· Saylor Cabin

The first cabin to find a new life at Rassawek was the “Saylor” cabin, circa 1844.

When the Goochland property was slated for development, the two-story building was relocated and restored at Rassawek in 2003. In order to relocate the cabin it was moved in sections by separating the first and second floor. A stone cellar was added as the foundation for the cabin’s new home.

The name of the cabin came from a piece of wood found above the door jam during reconstruction. The name “Saylor” was scripted out in pencil on the wood and the year 1844. Next to the piece of wood was cuff of a mans dress shirt. We like to think that the cuff belonged to the person who built the house, which is on display inside the cabin.

This cabin is rustic and authentic to the time period it was built.  The downstairs living area has a stone hearth  fireplace and a bedroom upstairs with two full size beds. Staying in this cabin is like living in 1844, the amenities are limited and rustic.

  • Saylor Cabin - Rassawek
    Saylor Cabin - Rassawek
  • Sailor Living - Rassawek
    Sailor Living - Rassawek
  • Upstairs Bedroom - Rassawek
    Upstairs Bedroom - Rassawek


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