This year we will be introducing our very first Rassawek Autumn Festival!

October 23 & 24, 2021

With this festival, we want to bring friends and families together to celebrate the bounties of fall and demonstrate and educate the public on American traditions and culture. The event will be held on a different area of the property than the Spring Jubilee and will have buildings and exhibits that the public has yet to see including train cars, a country store and a machine shop building.

Kids will be able to participate in classic fall activities (with a little Rassawek twist), such as a hay maze, pumpkin patch and hands on learning. Adults will be able to purchase and enjoy a cup of beer, cider or wine while at the festival.

This is a non-profit event designed to highlight trade skills and vocational work. We will be partnering with local companies to provide onsite demonstrations of trade work, craftsmanship and insight into a vocational career. The proceeds from this event will go towards Vocational Education which is a learning path that students can take to help merge academic knowledge and technical skills in real-world applications. Click here to learn more about our non-profit entity, Rassawek Ventures.

Be sure to check back soon for more announcements and information!

  • Autumn Festival - Rassawek
    Autumn Festival - Rassawek
  • Celebrating the bounties of fall
    Celebrating the bounties of fall


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