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Volunteer at our 2023 Rassawek Autumn Festival!

The Autumn Festival is run by our non-profit entity Rassawek Ventures. Our mission at Rassawek Ventures is to preserve traditional skills and crafts to educate and inspire our future. Our goal at Rassawek Ventures is to bring awareness around vocational education and to see the value of working with your hands. We want to show future generations that a career in trades can be a rewarding and fulfilling path to take. A portion of the proceeds from this festival will go towards creating opportunities for individuals wishing to attend a trade or technical school.

During the Autumn Festival we need over 100 volunteers to make this community event run smoothly. Volunteers are the heart of making the festival a success for all. They help us to welcome and assist our attendees in order to make this an enjoyable and safe time!  All volunteers receive one free admission to the event either before or after their shift.

If you or your group is interested in volunteering for the Autumn Festival please email Jessica at jessica@rassawek.com


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