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Our Mission

Our mission at Rassawek Ventures is to preserve traditional skills and crafts to educate and inspire our future.

In today’s society and technological advances, there is a greater push every day on a four-year college education and white-collar careers. While receiving a four-year degree is completely respectable, this is creating an increasing gap in industrial talent and craftsmanship. Our goal at Rassawek Ventures is to bring awareness around vocational education and to see the value of working with your hands. We want to show future generations that a career in trades can be a rewarding and fulfilling path to take.

Throughout the year, Rassawek Ventures, puts on two major festivals – the Rassawek Spring Jubilee and the Rassawek Autumn Festival. These two events were created to bring awareness to craftsmanship, arts, trades and more. We will be showcasing trade skill demonstrations throughout the events including but not limited to lineman demonstrations, welding, sawmill, blacksmithing, mechanic and more.

The proceeds from these two events will go towards scholarships for those wanting to attend a trade school.

Giving Back

During our 2019 show, we donated over $13,000 to local non-profits and groups that we believe make a difference to our community. Here are a few of groups we are proud to support through the Rassawek Spring Jubilee.

  • Goochland Habitat for Humanity
  • PVCC Education Foundation
  • Cartersville Ruritan Club
  • Second Union Rosenwald School
  • Goochland 4-H
  • Louisa County Historical Society
  • Goochland Cares
  • Charlottesville SPCA and more!
Blacksmith - Rassawek
Blacksmith - Rassawek